Wednesday, March 18, 2009

JJC Toronto - Recently

As most members are aware, JJC-Toronto have recently organized two shows to popular Hindi Movies. In December, we were treated to blockbuster movie, Ghajini starring Aamir Khan and last month it was Delhi-6 starring Abhisekh Bachchan.

Please watch this space for more exciting gatherings and events planned throughout 2009.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Discounted Tickets for Gujarati Drama

Well Friends

We are delighted to announce that for Jain Jagruti Center Toronto members, we have discounted tickets to Popular and Famous

Gujarati Comedy Drama

" Chhel Chhabilo Gujarati"

on 24th May 2008
for details contact committee members JJC-Toronto

Inaguration of Jain Jagruti Centre in Toronto

The first international Jain Jagruti Centre (JJC) was inaugurated in Toronto by Shri Jitendra Kothari, Chairman - JJC Central board India, on last Sunday, May 11th ’08. Shri Ramesh Morabia, Vice Chairman and Shri Jayantilal Chhadva, Development Secretary, JJC central board India were special guests to commemorate the ceremony. Shri J D Shah, president Jain Society of Toronto (JSOT) and board of trustees Dr Bharat Shah, Shri Gyanchand Jain & Smt. Smita Vora were among others who were present at the inaugural ceremony held at Jain Temple, Etobicoke. Many Jain families from all parts of GTA joined to celebrate the gracious event.

The first ever JJC was established in Mumbai in the year 1975 with few hundred members. Today with total membership base in excess of 60,000 and 122 Centres spread all over India; JJC Toronto is the 123rd Centre in the world.

The President of JJC Toronto Mr. Nilesh Parikh addressed in his speech “The main objective of JJC is to create bonds, sense of unity, good conduct, religious and educational work through entertainment programs among growing families of Jains. More over objective of the group is to bring all sects of Jain community under one roof so that combined strength of Jains can be utilized for development of fellowship as well as social activities.”

In his inaugural speech, Mr Parikh said that for JJC, The way is long – Let us go together; The way is difficult-Let us help each other; The way is joyful- Let us share it.

Below is the picture of Nilesh Parikh, president of JJC Toronto receiving charter from Jitendra Kothari & Ramesh Morabia alongwith committee members

From left: Nijay Shah, Hitesh Shah, Sandip Dagli, Jayantilal Chhadva, Ramesh Morabia, Nilesh Parikh, Jitendra Kothari, Kalpesh Savla, Nailesh Vora & Manoj Sheth

For more info, visit the website: and
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Invitation JJC Toronto


We are proudly announcing the launch of Jain Jagruti Centre in Toronto. Inauguration ceremony will be held on May 11th 2008. Mr. Jitendra Kothari (Chairman), Mr. Ramesh Morabia (Vice Chairman) and other committee members of JJC-Mumbai will be participating in this ceremony.

The main objective of the centre is to create bonds among growing families of Jain Society, sense of unity and good conduct, public awareness, religious and educational work through entertainment programs throughout the year.

Let’s get together and meet new families, develop new relations, get our children to make new friends among Jains. Please mark the following date in your calendar and don’t forget to RSVP by May 8th 2008, either by email or phone.

Nilesh Parikh: 416 579 9121 Hitesh Shah: 416 816 6959

Sandip Dagli: 416 727 4789 Kalpesh Savla: 647 892 7887

Nailesh Vora: 416 826 7925 Nijay Shah: 905 814 5416

Sangita Sheth: 905 804 0690 Manish Dhami: 647 887 5246


Jain Society of Toronto (Jain Derasar)
50 Rosemead Ave.,
Etobicoke ON M8Y 3A5
Sunday, May 11th 2008. - 4.00 to 6.00 PM
(Food will be served)
Every Jain family is invited to attend this gracious occasion